This website is a project of Continental Sound (www.continentalsound.org) and Christian artists (www.christianartists.org).


In 1969 Leen La Rivière started with his first music project: the Continental Singers. That became a huge national and European success and that still is, see: www.continentals.nl. As result he founded CONTINENTAL SOUND in 1970 (see www.continentalsound.org) a foundation that started a long list of initiatives, projects, artistic renewals, youth activities, publications, etc. After the first 10 years the need for additional training for talented persons/youth was growing so fast that this need was the reason to start in 1981 with the annual Christian Artists Seminar. The leading artists and clinicians of Europe teach workshops and seminars in the area’s: music, visual arts, stage arts, media arts, etc. For thousands this week has been an inspiring, challenging, motivating, refreshing, educational, learning period, for young and old and still is, see: www.christianartists.org. Something happened in 1986, participants felt ‘ongoing themselves “a Christian artist”’, well a movement was born. In 1987 started was to give form and content to this ‘movement’, (it became an official association with many members in the sectors music, visual arts, performing arts, etc) as result this CA-artists movement became member of the CNV (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond=Christian trade unions of the Netherlands) as trade union for artists (CNV Kunstenbond). In 2010 the name CNV Kunstenbond (www.cnvkunstenbond.nl) was changed into CNV Kunst & Cultuur. In 2011 happened the cooperation with CNV Vakmensen.

During the years many requests from all across the Netherlands (churches, organizations and such) about the copyrightlaws were asked at Continental Sound/CNV Kunstenbond, as here were the specialists available. To help this huge load of questions a special website was launched: www.auteursrechtkenniscentrum.nl. Another area of questions coming to Continental Sound/CNV Kunst & Cultuur: do you know a painter, who... do you know a musician, who... do you know a choir, who... do you know a dancer, who... For years the listing of members were published in the yearbook Expressie. But due to all changes in the media, those listings can be found now on this website.

If artists, painters, dancers, writers, musicians, etc want to be on this website, they have to be member.

A short movie about a recent Christian Artists Seminar: http://vimeo.com/17783776